5 Ways to Pick Up Hot Girls (Even if You’re Ugly)

Who said that you have to settle for someone who matches your attractiveness or who’s a few points lower on the 1-10 scale than you? Why can’t you date (or marry) up if you want to? Why can’t you be the kind of man who gets to have arm candy opposed to a total butter-face? Well, no one said you can’t. The only way you’re going to limit yourself as far as your dating pool goes, is if you decide you’re limited! Honestly, you don’t have to be famous or rich in order to get the hot girl. Believe me, people have less and date hotter than you probably ever thought you could.

When it comes to dating, you’re not limited unless you stop trying. Here are a few ways for you to date girls hotter than you – even if you think you’re a 1 or a 2 on the hot scale:

  1. Address your shortcomings and either embrace them or eliminate them
    Everyone has a few qualities about themselves when it comes to their personalities or appearances. These things might be what are holding you back. When you think about what makes you fall short on the hotness scale, those are the things that you either need to embrace or fix. Things like being overweight or having fucked up teeth or any other kind of cosmetic thing that makes you feel down about yourself, can probably be fixed pretty quickly given you put forth the time, effort, and maybe money.
    However, if you have something like a limp or even baldness those are the things you need to embrace. Because let’s be honest… unless you’re going to pay for scalp surgery you probably aren’t going to fix premature balding. Once you embrace those things – and/or fix what you can – you’ll feel less uncomfortable and more confident about yourself.
  2. Be funny
    Not everyone feels like they’re funny, but honestly everyone can be hilarious if they make the right comments at the right moment. But don’t try to embrace the kind of humor that doesn’t come naturally to you… for instance: don’t try to be goofy if you’re a more of a serious guy and vice versa. Plus, you’ll need to know your audience, try to target people – more importantly women – who understand your humor.
    If you can make a girl laugh it almost doesn’t even matter what you look like.
  3. Be thoughtful… but don’t friendzone yourself
    One thing that you can do is be thoughtful and kind. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how cute you are, if you aren’t a nice person that internal ugliness will show through. Even if you’re not the hottest guy, you’ll be able to show how great you can be with your charm and kindness.
    However, you need to make sure that you don’t friendzone yourself. The best way to realize that you could be getting dangerously close to the friendzone is if you find yourself listening to this girl talk about other guys. Either direct the attention away from the conversation or be honest and say that you’re trying to get at her so why would you want to hear about other guys…?